:DUNST doesn’t use any materials of animal origin and thinks about fashion globally but respects its roots. It’s driven by the idea ‚What Matters Is Inside’ – what you can’t see at first glance, both in clothes and in company policy, is equally important.

:DUNST is what we all crave. It is an attempt to strike a balance in our everyday life. DUNST reflects the balance between concrete Warsaw and green Mazury. DUNST was born out of the search and need to create something of value and truth. We create DUNST the way we would like other brands around us to look like. We want none of the questions asked by our customers to remain unanswered because truth is our superior value. We want to use non-obvious materials to show that it can be done differently. If we can use recycle we do it, if we have to use plastic, we also do it – we want to keep the balance. We do not use materials of animal origin because we can replace them without compromising the quality of the final project..

:DUNST is composed of: Agata Królik who graduated from University of Warsaw in Management, experienced in working in corporations, now founding herself in film making. Alicja Danowska – power engineer with specialization in renewable energy without the calling. Her family cultivates the tailoring tradition, that’s why she spent most of her life in the sewing room. Now she is studying Design at Via Moda, Warsaw School of Fashion Design and Technology Management. Both connected by friendship and pugs.